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Drumberries is an absorbing, interactive drumming and rhythm experience. It is dynamic, stimulating, enjoyable and loads of fun! Drumming in a group is a great way of bonding and team building. It invigorates the mind and body.

Drumming together has been a part of almost all cultures across the world ever since. It has a unique characteristic that brings people together, wiping out their differences. They, very silently yet strongly, learn the values of interdependence, communication, trust, teamwork. These values and skills are very basic and crucial for personal and group development, so important for our normal functioning yet getting lost and buried amidst the day to day pressures!

The experiences we have in a drum circle can be
directly carried over and applied to our workplaces, schools, homes and our lives.

During our workshops and events,
we provide the group with all drums and instruments along with great energy that is needed to have the participants drum and play in unison.

Swachh Bharat Song- A song dedicated towards the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, initiated by our Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi. Composed by VeHaan (www.vehaan.com), this was performed together with 10,000 children at the inaugural ceremony of VadFest, Vadodara on 23rd Jan,2015. This was a part of the drum circle with the 10,000 children-THE LARGEST DRUM CIRCLE IN WORLD, which was facilitated by VeHaan, Director-Drumberries.


It's for every heart that beats for India-
For a Swachh Bharat.

Drumberries Video Team Building

"You guys are a gift to this world. VeHaan is an incredible teacher.
When we were invited to play the drum, I was skeptical and unenthusiastic, but played along. After ten minutes, I was so much into it that I did not want to stop.
To say that you bring down the inhibition and stress is an understatement.
You bring out the hidden child in us
-Prof. Medini Singh.
Columbia Business School. Visiting Faculty. ISB.

They all had Drumberries!

  Our Team Building Rhythm Modules",are highly effective in bringing together all the members of your team towards a collective goal. It is a very powerful, dynamic tool of transformation, that motivates, energizes and boosts your team's performance.
It’s Team building with a difference, to make a difference... Read more.
  We offer various modules which are very effective in creating high performance teams, thereby helping you increase your profits. They boost the morale of employees, lead to stress-reduction, improve communication within your organisation and prepare them for newer challenges... Read more.   Playing drums together in a school or college setting, creates a dynamic learning environment which allows for greatest amount of creativity & self expression. You can imagine the kind of energy created and exchanged when the students and teachers, all play drums together.
It promotes cooperation and is a great tool for confidence building... Read more.
  Make your event special with Drumberries Interactive Recreational Module”.Be it a Conference, Dealer’s Meet, Annual Convention or Staff Outing we have exciting packages just right for the occasion.
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" And 10,000 children played and sang together for a Swachh Bharat - DRUM CIRCLE AT VADFEST CONDUCTED BY DRUMBERRIES"

Date: 23rd JAN 2015; 8.00 am
Venue: Samta Grounds, Vadodara. Gujarat.

It was one of the LARGEST DRUM CIRCLES IN THE WORLD, where 10,000 school children sang and played the drums together with the message of Swachh Bharat- the mission initiated by our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

And a Song for Swach Bharat- YES! Apart from drumming, a unique thing happened at Vadfest drum circle session. VeHaan, Director -Drumberries, has composed a song for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. This was sung by the 10,000 children, along with the guests there.

Vadfest 2015 is One of India's biggest multi-arts, multi-venue culture festivals, with artists across the globe and India performing. Today, we carry with us the synergy of 10,000 hearts beating towards a common goal of Clean India - Swachh Bharat!...Read More

  "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we got the team excited to say the least. It is great way to build team engagement and more importantly everyone had loads of fun!"
Vikas Mittal
Managing Director, MARS INDIA

"It was a
SUPER FANTASTIC SHOW!All the employees and leaders were very delighted"
GE Capital
"I would like to take this opportunity to convey on behalf of Agilent the positive feedback we received from our team post the Drumberries act. The entire activity of 1 ½ hour was full of energy and rhythm. During the course, we could see the harmony and team bonding within the groups as they performed as well as cheered the other fellow teams and the same energy also flowed into the further activities that followed.."
Tanay Waingankar
Field Marketing Manager - India, Agilent Technologies

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